Banyuls-sur-Mer is a small Mediterranean village that is still unspoilt by mass tourism. Wine is their foremost industry, with some 20 wineries (caves) in the village and a landscape which is completely dominated by the terraced vineyards. The village has about 5,000 inhabitants living there all year round.

Paris University has its marine research laboratory, Laboratoire Arago, Banyuls, which is said to have the Mediterranean’s cleanest water. Banyuls has also become a centre for diving.


You will find shops for everything – fruit and vegetables, a chemist, bakeries, patisseries, meat, fish and wine – most within a few minutes from Le Manoir. Over 30 restaurants, bars and cafés are within a five minute walk from Le Manoir.


The beach is about 150 meters from the hotel and located about 200 meters in the opposite direction is the train station, with connections to Perpignan and Paris to the North and Barcelona to the South.


Wine festival on the beach.


Bar- and café life.


View from the room overlooking the village.